Acc Square Accounting

Simple yet powerful complete Accouting software with. Mobile and web based app on subscription model. Dashboard, analytics with AI.World’s most simplest and user friendly accounting system

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Complete organizational status on a single click and they are updated real-time.

API Integration

Integrated with banks and vendors with OCR to automate complete Accounting process.

Analytics with AI

Be informed about the positive and negative impact of company and every step with AI.

All features needed for any business

  • GST, Eway Bill
  • Multiple Companies/ Alerts
  • Import / Export to CSV, Excel, XML
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Security and Backup
  • Estimation. Order, Invoice, Payment
  • Automatic Invoice PO generation
  • Vendor Management
  • Debit / Credit
  • Payroll
  • Email, SMS, whatsapp invoice in pdf
  • Inventory / stock management
  • Time Job Management
  • Configure sections, fields, modules
  • User Rights, Privileges
  • Read from Invoices and updated auto
  • Integrate with Ecommerce and POS
  • Integrated with banks and payment
  • Mobile Friendly
Looking at improving productivity / Profitability

The best choice ACCSQUARE

Everyone loves it

Accsquare is from the award winning company which have developed the most intuitive, user-friendly, simple, configurable yet powerful software in the world. Users who used it never could compromise on any other software because it just works as simple even a kid could use it.

Accsquare have changed the way admin staffs are using this software. Staffs without any prior accounting knowledge could use it with ease.

  • Works well for any type of business across industries
  • Any field or section or module can be configured to fit your need
  • Accounting is well integrated with CRM which makes the work easier
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Automatically update GST from your system every month without any work

Stack Alert

Get alerts on stock, price difference, sales, profit /loss and other business activity

eWay Bill

Generate E-way bill on the fly while generating invoices. Update it to Government website

Online / Offline

Work online and offline with or without internet connection. Work without any interruption

Product Features

Make your Transaction from anywhere, at any time


Integrated with wide range of software’s, banks, Ecommerce and many other applications


Estimation to Order to Invoice to payment all done without any double entry. System does all work


Dashboard to Analytics to standard reports. Reports can be customized and configured


Any fields, sections or modules can be enabled or disabled depending the users which makes is most flexible and fit all size businesses

Any device

Works well with all types of devices, all operating system and from anywhere as it is responsive

Novice use

It is so user-friendly and simple to use hence any non-accountant or non IT savvy users can use it

Responsive Interface

It is a pure responsive web application can be used in any devices seamlessly as it adapts according to the need.

Clean and Neat Layout

The product is available on license model and as SAAS model which will be a flexible model for the customers.

Item Support

This application and be designed by any Business analyst who have a basic PC knowledge without any programming skills.

Our Motto and future plan

We are developing the system which any non-accountant can use it. Anyone who can use browse the net should be able to use it. We minimize the work and makes sure the system does all the work.

We are working on future technology that will make sure the accounting system will work without any data entry. Companies to companies data will be updated by system itself through API’s


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We were really impressed the way the application works. It was very user friendly and made our entry work much easier than other applications we used.
Zaradise ( Gobotix )
It was really exciting to use such a great application which made our employees to work without complaining about this product.
Dylan ( Zaradise )
The best ever product we have seen. The automatic GST updating and auto purchase invoice updating from electronic invoices made this product very different from other products.
Gabriel ( Corecrate )

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