Acclinic Management Software

Have effective growth for your clinic using our product for clinic management. We have reduced your trouble on maintaining staffs details as well as patient details with this single software for your clinic.

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Graphical representation on daily report of entire process held in your clinic. Easily monitor your growth using daily analytical report of your clinic with acc clinic.

API Integration

It enables your staffs to book appointments for your patients either by walk-in appointments or online booking. Facilitate your patients with easy online booking.

Analytics with AI

Acc clinic helps you to create patient database which holds the medical as well as general details of your patients. Have your old patients medication history in it.

Optimize the product process cycle.

Acc clinicmanagement Software is a technology which automates the processes of the clinic. It facilitates the patients to book appointment via online easily. It leads to a change in the attitude-organizational behavior of the people from a task-oriented approach to process-oriented approach. Usually ERP software caters to long term needs of the business enterprises.

The clinic management software is a tool for managing the staff and patient database. This software has become one of the biggest IT investment risk all over the world. It allows clinics to manage all their patient details along with the medication history.

Accclinic management software ties everything and everyone from quoting to accounting and has real time visibility.Easy to adapt and customize because of a revolutionary model-based application platform that spreads and simplifies development and customization.


How it works

Our Cloud based clinic managementsoftware is ideal for clinic specialized for any kind of disease. Accclinicmanagementsoftware connects the patients and doctors for diagnosis during any time of emergency with faster and easier communication through acc mobile app.

Accclinic mobile app enables patients to book their appointments through online. Doctors and patients can have easy view on their medication history. With acc clinic management software they can manage whole details of staffs and patients with ease. Acc clinic management is the solution for handling token booking without confusion, make billing faster and view analytical report on clinic to know the growth of clinic.

Responsive Interface

It is a pure responsive web application which can be used in any device seamlessly as it adopts according to the need.

Clean and Neat Layout

The product is available on license model and as SAAS model which will be a flexible model for customers.

Item Support

This application can be designed by any business analyst without any professional knowledge.

Product Features

Facilitate your clinic with multiple features of Acclinic management software.

Staff management

Manage staff details of your clinic which includes each and every staff along with their designation.

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Makes an alert sound from patient’s mobile at the time of any emergency with mobile app.

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It allows you to create user and add user privilege with acc clinic management software for your clinic.

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Make default settings on fees, consulting time as well as revisit details for your patients.

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It allows your patients to have reminder on having medicine at right time with the mobile app.

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Make the billing of your patients faster and simple. Do separate or combined billing for consulting and medicine.

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See how to manage complexity with efficient scheduling and unique control panel for your clinic with our acc clinic management software.

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This software for clinic management has reduced our trouble in handling our patient details.
Zaradise ( Gobotix )
Our patients are really happy with the mobile app since they can make appointment from home itself.
Dylan ( Zaradise )
The best ever product we have seen. The automatic GST updating and auto purchase invoice updating from electronic invoices made this product very different from other products.
Gabriel ( Corecrate )

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