About Us

About Accpol

Brand that made a difference across the globe and industries

Accpol is an award winning Software Company being in the industry since 1995. It has developed World’s best products. We have a wide market across the world with multilingual support. Accpol have wide range of products across Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Construction and Finance Industries.

our vision

We want to provide products that are intelligent but still simple and they are very user friendly. We want to make sure that we minimize the work for the human and make it automated as much as possible. Our products are includes Analytics and Artificial Intelligence.

our mission

We have the intelligent and intellectuals with artistic mind to deliver the world’s best intelligent system. We work with the industries to understand their strategy to gain competitive advantage and develop products based on that.

Meet Our Team

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Founder & CEO

He has developed and marketed software products in US, India and America for the last two decades.

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Chief Operating Officer

She is holding MBA in HR. She has been instrumental in recruiting the best talents across the globe.

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Chief Technical Officer

He has worked in India and Netherlands managing technical team across multiple domains.